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Brie Turner is an Organizational Communications major from Lithonia, Georgia. She wants to work in the entertainment field curating or planning events and also be a dancer. Her goals for Alpha Chapter is to have a bigger presence on campus and improving relations with other organizations.


Camryn Clanton is a Philosophy major from Chicago, Illinois. She plans to practice law in the future. Currently, she is interested in international law, civil rights law, and labor law. She hopes to improve the chapter’s relationships with other organizations, especially those in the NPHC. She wants Alpha Chapter to make a name for itself on campus, and for people to regard us as a force to be reckoned with.

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Aziza Daniel is a Radiation Therapy major from New York. She plans to get her MBA and become a RN or PA, Invest in companies, support her family, travel to every Caribbean country, and start a photography side business. Her goals for Alpha Chapter are to improve on fundraising, to have more programs to connect with the Howard community, to work together to build on professionalism and sisterhood, to have more visibility through social media


Audre'ana Ellis is a Environmental Studies major from Hampton, Virginia. Her dream is to become an influential environmental activist and travel to every country. Her goal for Alpha Chapter is to partner with other organizations in our outreach. Building a strong relationship with other organizations on campus and especially the DC area will lead to more enriching service opportunities and increase engagement in our service projects.

Kayleigh Fitzgibbons is a Television & Film major from New York. Her dream is to travel the world and film in different countries, whether it be documentaries or narrative movies/tv shows. Her goal for Alpha Chapter is to increase online engagement between Howards’ community and Zetas all over the world.


Brianna Graham is a Nursing major from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Her dream is to become a certified nurse midwife and provide a safe labor & delivery process for black women, who are more likely to die during labor because of discriminatory practices in medicine. Her main goal for Alpha Chapter is to rebrand and expand the chapter’s reach and visibility on campus.


Maya Shed is a Theatre Arts Administration major from Elyria, Ohio. Her dream is to establish and run a performing arts center for kids and to visit all seven continents. Her goals for Alpha Chapter are to reach a wider demographic on campus by helping to enhance our programming and events. By engaging with new people and organizations and building relationships with the campus community at large, we can have a larger impact when enacting programs at Howard that align with our initiatives.

Iyanna Tutt is a Public Relations major, from New York. She wants to be a trailblazer in the Communications industry as a Black woman as well as making a change in her community. Her goals for Alpha Chapter is to rebrand ourselves to where we are a well-rounded organization. Being strong in all aspects including branding, community service, academic success, campus relations and more is what she hopes to achieve as Alpha Chapter member.


Mikayla Baity is a Biology major from San Jose, California. Her dream is to become an anesthesiologist, to become a homeowner in the Bay Area, to create her own mentor program for youth in her home community. Her goals for Alpha Chapter are to continue to maintain and strengthen both the and impact and visibility that we have on campus. 

Sarah-Ann Davis is a Supply Chain Management major from Windsor, Connecticut. Her dream is to work in a creative field full time. She would also like to use social media as a creative outlet for herself and talents in the near future. Her vision for Alpha Chapter is to help increase the Chapters visibility on campus. For 100 years, Alpha Chapters has been doing the work of the Five Pearls in the most humble way


Kanyinsola Oye is a Political Science & History major from Columbus, Ohio. Her dream career is to be an immigration and women rights lawyer. Her goal for  Alpha Chapter is to get more involved in DC based schools. She believes that it is essential to continue to inspire and mentor the youth.

Ayana Sallee is a Political Science major from Chesapeake, Virginia. Her dream is to eliminate injustice against Black people and help teenage girls embrace self-love. Her goals for Alpha Chapter are to continue maintaining the Alpha Chapter’s status of being women who abide by their pillars while also improving the recognition Zetas have on campus by increasing participation at events.


Kameron Walker is a Biology major from San Jose, California. Her dream is to receive her PhD in virology and continue to conduct oncological research with the Thomas Lab. Her goals for Alpha Chapter is to express the four pillars by incorporating initiatives and activities. Thought these activities,  she hopes to diversify Zeta by creating recognition in all schools and campus, and being more active with the student body.


Miahjé Williams is a Health Science major from Southern New Jersey. Her dream is to become a successful physician and business owner.  Her goals for Alpha Chapter are to further build the chapters reputation and increase visibility on campus and within the D.C area. She wants individuals to be aware of the good work that Zeta does so that we gain the support of others to continue to leave a positive impact.

Jennifer Nnadozie is a Maternal & Child Health Education major. Her dream is to eliminate disparities in health care and decrease the mortality rate of Black women and babies. Her goal for Alpha Chapter is to continue the tradition of exemplifying the founding pillars and to increase  the recognition and visibility Zetas have on campus and the surrounding community.


Spring 2020

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